What if it rains on Photo Day?

Our Photo Day crew will be set up under pop-up tents so light or infrequent showers can be easily managed. We generally do not cancel Photo Day unless the weather and/or conditions impair our ability to maintain quality and/or conduct a safe event. 

Your league, however, may find it necessary to cancel Photo Day. It's not uncommon for the weather on Photo Day to clear up, but the fields be too wet from rain leading up to Photo Day. Be sure to check your league's website for field status and other updates

To see whether your Photo Day has been rained out, you can email rainstatus@shootingstarsphoto.com for an auto-reply that is updated immediately as leagues cancel their Photo Days.

☔ If it is raining on Photo Day and hasn't been cancelled, but your team prefers to postpone, that is OK!  Just click HERE to reschedule for Make-up Day.